Testing for college

One thing girls need to focus on is testing for college. Starting with the class of 2017 Michigan will be an SAT state, as opposed to an ACT state.The SAT is different from the ACT and students will want to review the changes and understand the differences in content! GO-GIRL has compiled a great list of resources for you and your daughters to look through in order to help get them prepared for the SAT, we've also got a lot of information explaining the difference in these two exams.

What you need to know about the switch

Khan Academy SAT prep

Kaplan Test prep

ACT and SAT test scoring information

https://www.fabmarks.com/sat - Fabmarks is one of the largest resource libraries for SAT, ACT and PSAT prep material. Fabmarks is offering access to course materials for free of cost. The free resources also contain Flash cards, Tool Kit, Practice questions and test analytics. I believe this will be a great resource to your readers.

GO-GIRL SAT Workshop

We will be running an SAT workshop on Tuesday evenings 6-9pm, July 12-26. The workshop is open to all GO-GIRLs 9th-12th grade who are preparing to take the SAT. Mentors will guide girls and parents through Kahn academy tools, time and stress management, and healthy test taking tips. Apply for the SAT workshop!