Girl friendly links

Want a change from checking the same few websites every day? Here are some great web pages for you to browse that can give you information and inspiration. The websites listed below pertain to both school and social life so be sure to check them out and discuss with your parents. Make sure to get your parents' permission before exploring the internet! -- GoGrad: Women and Master's Degrees shows facts and figures about women and master's degrees, provides advice for female grad students and tips for online education, and even has external resources and scholarships for women. -- This is a guide with a list of scholarships and grant opportunities exclusively for women in STEM, a list of the top careers for women in STEM, and even an interview with Dr. Wendi Heinzelman, an engineering professor at the University of Rochester! -- Learn more about what it takes to be an engineer and learn about girls that are taking initiatives to become a new generation of woman engineers. -- Follow smrtgrls on Twitter for funny and informative tweets! -- Quickly locate homework help, good reads, college information, and other issues that impact your life. -- Girl-led teen activism and youth empowerment! -- Information regarding health and social issues with young girls. -- Join banbossy and find out how to be a leader!  -- Features interviews with successful professionals in STEM, venture capital, and other industries, who offer advice and share their experiences being the only women in the room.  -- Find important information on the historical impact women have had on computers -- Great Resources on scholarships for getting college ready!  --  Two great guides to help parents navigate and teach their children about finances for their higher education.