1. "My daughter is not yet in 7th grade, can she be part of the program?"
    At this time, GO-GIRL is only open to girls who have completed the 7th grade winter program. The winter program runs from January to April. 

2. "My daughter has already completed the 7th grade, but was not part of the GO-GIRL winter program, is there a way for her to become a GO-GIRL now?"
    Unfortunately the program is only available to girls who have participated in our 7th grade winter program, but we encourage you to get your daughter involved in other academic programs.

3.  "When are applications available for the winter program?"
    Applications for the winter program are available starting in the fall of the preceding year, and can be found on our How to Apply page.

4. "When are applications available for the summer program?"
    Applications are available for the summer program starting in the spring, and can be found on our How to Apply page.

5. "How can I support GO-GIRL?"
    You can support GO-GIRL through our Kroger Rewards partnership, or making donations. More information on these options can be found on our Funding page.

6. "My daughter has to do service learning hours, can GO-GIRL help?"
    We are currently working on putting together a program to allow our GO-GIRLs to get their service learning hours through GO-GIRL, however we do not currently have anything in place. 

7. "How can I keep up to date with GO-GIRL events and news?" 
    We can be found on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our blog

8."How much does the program cost for participants?"
All GO-GIRL programs are free of cost to all participants.