GO-GIRL alumnae

Over 1000 girls from 30+ different communities in Detroit and Metro Detroit make up our GO-GIRL alumnae. GO-GIRL alumnae are in grades 8 through college and beyond.

Alumnae: Grades 8-12
The 7th grade program is only the beginning. Operation Keeping in Touch (Operation KiT) was developed to keep our GO-GIRLs learning, and building relationships throughout high school. Activities include documentary screenings, hands on workshops, and academies designed to empower girls and provide new opportunities to explore STEM! Visit our Keeping in Touch page for information on upcoming events, and make sure to check out our Summer Program page for information on Summer Academies.

Alumnae: After graduation
We love hearing from our GO-GIRLs after high school graduation. We encourage GO-GIRLs to keep in touch, join us for events, and participate as volunteers or mentors. Our GO-GIRLs' post high school accomplishments serve as an inspiration for the newest members of the GO-GIRL Community. Recent survey data shows that 97% of participants surveyed indicated that their GO-GIRL experience increased their confidence in their educational abilities, as well as social, and communication skills. GO-GIRLs also reported that their experience provided them with the tools to choose a college major and career pathway that is both challenging and interesting.