GO-GIRL Experience

Studies show that girls lose interest in STEM related fields around middle school, and they are often encouraged into other fields. Our mission is to keep every option open to our girls, and promote understanding in STEM fields through confidence and competence. GO-GIRLs start out during their 7th grade year in our winter program and are invited back for multiple keeping in touch events and our summer academies. Each of these programs is centered around different fields within STEM, and our girls explore these fields with peers, and college undergraduate mentors, as well as experts from the areas of study.

"During the GO-GIRL winter program, I found that I had a passion for science. Through the support and encouragement of different mentors, I have the highest grade in my chemistry and biology classes!" - Genesis

We give girls a unique experience in a fun and educational environment that encourages creativity and open mindedness. We want to help our girls discover all possible opportunities available to t!hem, and show them how to realize their dreams.

"GO-GIRL helped me shape my path and gave me the drive to continue down it." - Ki-Jana

Our programs are designed to promote confidence in every aspect of life, especially in STEM fields because that's where girls show the lowest confidence during adolescence. We want our girls to be prepared to take on any challenge set before them and understand that they're capable of accomplishing anything!

"I've encountered many unique challenges that a normal person wouldn't bother attempting to solve, but since being through GO-GIRL I've learned to think outside of the box and that the right answer is subjective. The best answers are made by those who are knowledgeable, innovative, and determined for the best outcome." - Ki-Jana

We also understand the importance of girls making friends, networking, and having fun! We create an environment for our girls to bond with one another and make lasting friendships! The GO-GIRL mentors are actively involved in keeping our girls engaged in between programs through social networking! Mentors give girls a look into campus life and the different organizations and programs that are available to college students, and they pass down advice and knowledge about how girls can make the most of high school, and how to approach life in today's world!

"The GO-GIRL summer program is by far, my favorite program. I enjoyed it not only because of the activities and food, but the new friends I've met and AWESOME mentors." - Genesis

If you have questions, or would like more information about our programs email us at: gogirl@wayne.edu